Delta Sigma Pi

America's Foremost Co-Ed Professional Business Fraternity

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Executive Board Fall 2018

What We Offer

Invest in Yourself

We, the Alpha Kappa Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi, seek individuals who are looking to grow the most they can during their tenure at the University at Buffalo. By investing your time into this fraternity we promise the return of tremendous self – development and motivation going into the world after college. Those willing to invest into the continued success of our chapter will in return gain advice, mentorship, and perseverance towards excellence. Get the most out of your time and money while at UB by becoming a Deltasig, setting yourself apart and gaining the pride to achieve great things.

Make Connections

By becoming a Deltasig, you can make great connections throughout the University at Buffalo’s School of Management, as well as across campus. With more than a dozen School of Management faculty initiated into our chapter, rest assured your experience will be of ease. As far as business fraternities, we represent the largest on campus, consisting of over 70 brothers, totaling over 2,000 brothers in our ninety-three years on campus. Internationally there are over 260,000 brothers in a Delta Sigma Pi, being both active and alumni. If you desire to make meaningful connections here in Buffalo and beyond, come see what we have to offer.


Don’t join just any fraternity out there, join one that is meaningful. Meet friends that will last a life time, and provide you connections that will be useful. The brothers of Alpha Kappa push each other beyond their previous limitations, and pick each other up when they need it. Joining Delta Sigma Pi will allow you to succeed beyond college. Doesn’t matter if you are a freshman, sophomore, or junior; everyone who desires to push themselves is welcome to inquire. All Jacob’s School of Management students are welcome as long as they are in good standing. It’s your decision to better yourself, but we’ll be glad to help you along the way!