Alumni Brothers

Creating Solutions

(left to right) Abid Alum, Hnu Thaper, and Elijah Tyson are three graduates of the University of Buffalo, and brothers of Delta Sigma Pi. The three received the "Winners of the Western New York Region - Services" award for their intuition in developing ColdSpace, a refrigerated vending machine that allows the user to store their own food for up to 6 hour sessions. Our brothers were inspired by their own struggle to store food from home on campus during a full day of classes. The group reached this year’s Henry A. Panasci Jr. Technology Entrepreneurship Competition semi finals. They currently pursue a patent for their creation, hoping to have ColdSpace coolers in place across UB and campuses abroad. Tyson and Thaper stay busy elsewhere. In 2016 Tyson, along with Thaper, started the group UB Barbarians. A fitness program designed to get students together in the gym, exercising more, eating better, and choosing healthy lifestyles. Both ColdSpace and Barbarians pursue the core values of encouraging students live out healthy lifestyles.

Source: Barca, Angela. Lunch in a ColdSpace: UB Students Try to Bring Refrigerated Vending Space to Campus. Digital image. The Spectrum. N.p., 08 May 2017. Web. 24 Aug. 2017.


Adam Karabinos graduated from the University at Buffalo in Spring of 2017. During his first semester at the school, Adam decided he wanted to join Delta Sigma Pi. His brother Eric, who was Senior Vice President at the time, encouraged him to pledge. During his time at UB, Adam held three of Alpha Kappa's executive board positions. They were Vice President of Fundraising Activities, Vice President of Pledge Education, and President of the Fraternity. He credits the role of Pledge Education as the most influential. "You're given the opportunity to lead individuals to become better than were. You are able to watch them grow from start to finish and to see their progression. Something that only the VPPE truly sees.", says Adam. Adam currently works for Morgan Stanley within the Internal Audit department on the Wealth Management team. He helps to determine if the firm is properly mitigating risk in various processes that they perform. On top of that he is working on his own business as well as pursing a CFA. Adam recognizes DSP as the organization that helped him stand out. "I learned to communicate better with my peers and learned that I needed to mature more than where I was. I gained friendship and leadership and which allowed me to excel both personally and professionally."