A Message from Our Senior Vice President

Dear Recruit,

Welcome! Thank you for your interest in Delta Sigma Pi. My name is Ann-Isabel Previl the new Senior Vice President for the Fall 2017 semester. Delta Sigma Pi is the largest, most active and foremost national Professional Fraternity, specializing in business and economics. There have been over 2,000 Alpha Kappa Brothers initiated throughout our 90+ years at UB. Throughout our years on UB’s campus we’ve maintained a great relationship with the School of Management. Ever since our establishment in 1925 5% of the alumni of the School of Management are Alpha Kappa alumnus.

Through DSP you will obtain long-lasting relationships with individuals who are interested in bettering themselves through leadership positions, community service and professional activities. Our chapter prides itself on not only being a great resource professionally but also through brotherhood. As you progress throughout your time at UB you’re bound to have a brother of our fraternity in one of your classes. This is a great support system and also enables us to create stronger bonds between each other.

I joined Delta Sigma Pi after taking 19 credits both semesters of my sophomore year. After finishing that year I asked myself “what do I want to do next”. Joining Delta Sigma Pi was the only decision that made sense. Being surrounded by hardworking individuals pushed myself to always strive for greatness. This can be you t0o! Whether you join as early freshman or as late as a junior you’re bound to experience growth that you’ve never imagined.  You want to be successful? Don’t wish for it, Work for it!


Ann-Isabel Previl

AK 1988

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